What does Global First Aid do?

As Paramedics & Medics, we teach ordinary people how to save lives, & how to pass that knowledge on, particularly but not exclusively in the developing world. We teach how to save life using our simple training programme:


First Aid Training


Disaster Prepardness


We are all volunteers & have no funding.


Our motto is... "Each One, Teach One".


Please donate as little or as much as you can afford, to help save someones life

Our goal is:

  • educating people in life-saving skills key to their survival
  • encourage people to teach others with our support
  • to develop sustained training programs for those most vulnerable & in need


We teach:

  • street children
  • volunteer fire fighters, paramedics, medics
  • sufferers of Aids/HIV
  • those with no access to medical care
  • people living in poverty, high risk ecological areas,
  • rural communities
  • charities
  • schools
  • hospitals
  • orphanages
  • refugees
  • those persecuted


Download our FREE First Aid Courses & Train the Trainer courses & most importantly, give us feedback.

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It takes 3 - 4 minutes, lack of oxygen to the brain

for irreparable brain damage to occur


In a devloping country it can take 5 hours for an ambulance

to arrive, or not at all


First Aid Saves Lives

Teaching people to teach first aid save countless lives


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... every little helps