SOS Childrens Villages

We had the privilege of helping volunteers & children of August 2012.


SOS Childrens Villages provide quality alternative care for children who cannot live with their biological families.

SOS Childrens Villages provide quality alternative care for children who cannot live with their biological families.

Strengthen families

SOS Family Strengthening Programmes help keep children in the
care of their family.  We support disadvantaged families at risk of
separation by bolstering their capacity to protect and care for their children.
Strengthening safety nets within the community is key.  We run over 2,300
programmes that cater to more than one million children and adults around the


We have an individual plan for every child in our care

Children, who cannot be cared for by their biological families are
supported by family-based carers either with foster families or within our
SOS Children’s Villages. SOS families provide individualised care to promote
the development, education and health of each child. In partnership with
communities we develop local infrastructure and run kindergartens, day care
centres, schools, vocational training centres and medical facilities. We
provide over 80,000 children and youth with family-based care.


We provide children with a voice to exercise their rights

Guided by the spirit of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, SOS
Children's Villages advocates for the rights of children and believes that a
child’s development is best achieved in a family environment.