Sponsor an Instructor

£20 will provide an instructor with a high vis Global First Aid uniform, which could save their life!

£30 will provide bandages and slings for training

£50 will provide 1 of the 4 recommended, Mini Annie Resuscitation dummies

£50 will provide a second hand digital camera, for instructors to document and provide ongoing evidence of training

£100 will provide replica wounds for training

One of the ways you can help our Charity is to sponsor an instructor. Global First Aid is committed to teaching as many first aiders in developing countries throughout the world, so they can help save lives in their own communities. We rely on donations to fund our projects. Many of the communities suffer from lack of medical and emergency care every day.


Full sponsorship of £300 will provide all the above equipment & you will receive:

  • a photograph of the instructor
  • a certificate of sponsorship
  • the option of email or postal contact with your sponsored trainer
  • FREE First Aid Course, “Appointed Persons” certified for 3 years, by courtesy of  www.firstaid-plus.co.uk


Sponsorship can be made for individual adults, children, senior  citizens, families and groups. As a gift, a birthday or Christmas present. Sponsorship may be made over the telephone, by post or online by email. Please remember you are making it possible for one person, to teach countless people how to save lives. THANK YOU.


Contact: karen@globalfirstaid.org